Raymond de Kuiper

Two weeks - including meeting various people with the same objective and interest - or 18 months of self study?? Undergoing the brainwash course was a true delight! The theoretical part of PPL, is just a lot of information scattered around. Arie does provide the in-road and does add a lot of practical information. I personally found this course very valuable and pleasant to do.

Tx again.

Alexander Kühne

Arie is a knowledgeable teacher who combines serious studying with a spot of humor at the right time. I thoroughly enjoyed the two week long PPL theoretical brainwash course I took at Arie's TLS Aviation consultants in 2008, and would sign up immediately in case he had something similar for CPL/ATPL. Highly recommended.

Marcel Van Doorn

I can really recommend the PPL Brainwash training provided by Arie. It is 2 weeks of hard studying, but it pays of. I passed all exams in one go. During the 2 weeks of studying Arie keeps you focused and interested from the beginning to the end of the day. He knows has to combine fun and studying using his practical experience against the theory being studied.

Joep Noldus

Ik heb in Juni 2012 met veel plezier kennisgemaakt met Arie en zijn PPL cursus. Zijn grondige materie kennis én de wijze waarop hij, als op en top professional zijnde, mij wist te boeien van het begin tot het einde was in 1 woord TOP! De cursusnaam "Brainwash" is overigens geheel correct gekozen daar je inderdaad gehersenspoeld wordt op PPL nivo.

Arie ga zo door want er kunnen een hoop trainers in Nederland een voorbeeld aan je nemen.

Robert Meijer

I have recently followed Arie's two weeks PPL Brainwash course and passed all exams two weeks thereafter. A combination of Arie's passion for aviation and didactic skills/methods hugely contributed to this result. Thanks Arie for assisting me in persuing my avionic dreams! I can reccommend the course to anyone who already made a few hours in the cockpit and can get away two weeks from his/her bussy scedule to finally pass the theory exams of the PPL.

Mr. Frank Olberts

If you want to pass your PPL theory exams fast, I'll highly recommend the PPL Brainwash course. I was able to pass the tests while I enjoyed the lessons given!

Jan van Someren

In a nutshell, Arie is probably the best teacher I ever came across in my life. He truly understands the concept of mentorship. Real wisdom is something you can't learn, you have to be selected by the universe as I'm sure Arie is. Besides that, he's a great pilot, musician, philosopher and above all, a wonderful person and a true friend.